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D-Coded Insights is a combination of Emotions, Faces and Consumer Psychology specialists. We work with companies that want to understand their customers better ...

Thanks to consumer psychology, we can discover what your customers really think!

Thanks to consumer psychology, we can discover what your customers really think!

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Because this could be at home, in store, via focus groups or remotely using online channels such as Skype, we undertake traditional research, but add in a unique research tool that validates and ensures reliability for all research projects.

"We also train others to better understand emotions and how they can benefit people personally or professionally!"

We run an in-house training day every six weeks or so. For companies that have a minimum of five attendees, we will travel to them and run training at their premises.

Underpinning everything we do as a business is the Facial Action Coding System (FACS) which is a research tool that's really useful for measuring any facial expressions a human being can make.

It is an anatomical based system for describing all observable facial movements. Each observable component of facial movement is described as an Action Unit or AU. All facial expressions can be broken down into a single AU.

There are 7 universal emotions identifiable from FACS:

  • Fear

  • Anger

  • Sadness

  • Disgust

  • Contempt

  • Surprise

  • Happiness

These are universal whether you were born in Birmingham or Bolivia, or even born blind. We all have the same facial expressions for those particular emotions.

"The triggers may be different depending on your culture, but the display on the face is the same!"

We can help individuals to learn the seven facial expressions of emotion and they will never be lied to again! With businesses, there are many uses for this skill:

  • Advertising - ensure any people displayed on print, digital or TV are displaying emotions congruent with the objective of the advert

  • New product development - will consumers buy or like the product/service

  • Taste tests - do they really like it?

  • Customer satisfaction/experience? - do they really mean it?

  • Emotional connection to branding - do products services emotionally connect as the brand expects?

In reality, FACS will work for any business topic where you want to know the respondent's real emotions; and this also means market research becomes less of a risk and a lot more accurate.

As a real world example ...

We worked with a large DIY store who commissioned us to research their customers to understand how they felt about changes and layouts in one of their stores.

According to the written results from the research, customers were roughly about 7/10 in favour of the changes to the store. From the facial analysis of 200 customers, we could tell our client that there was a bigger job to do.

Customers were actually showing high levels of disgust, anger and contempt when saying they were ok with the changes. These results allowed us to go back to our client to tell them that rationally, customers were ok, but emotionally all was not good.

The great British public is generally very polite and will say what they think the researchers want to hear, not how they actually feel. It's not at all British to do that!

In conclusion, if businesses and brands don't emotionally connect with their customers, then they will lose them. In our real world example, if a competitor store got the layout right for customers, and it's easy for them to get around and shop, they will buy from them instead!

It makes sense to know how people really feel, doesn't it?

I've worked with global brands across 17 different countries and have worked with the likes of Disney, Apple, Imperial Tobacco, Mars, Cadbury, Tesco, Premier Foods, L'Oréal, Harry Ramsden's, Lucozade, Unilever and many, many more.

"The team at D-Coded Insights has over 15 years experience in behavioural research and consumer psychology!"

So you can see that it makes sense to work with consumer psychology specialists like us when you need to find out exactly what your customers think. It may feel like a great idea to call us on 01543 241 038 or even click here to send an email enquiry and let's see how we can help you.

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More about Adrianne Carter ...

A fully qualified FACS expert and BACP Counsellor + Psychotherapist, Adrianne has over 20 years of experience in the field. Having worked in over 17 countries with companies such as Unilever., Mars, Disney and Mondelez, Adrianne goes beyond spoken, rationalised words, providing clients with vital insights.


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